World Property Exchange Group, Inc. (aka ‘WPE’) is a globally emerging real estate investment platform and technology company (a ‘Fintech’ company) made up of a growing team of problem-solvers who continually create, design, develop and deploy technology solutions that solve global real estate investment market structure issues including — fragmentation, lack of standardization, transaction friction, high trading costs, lack of price discovery, transparency, fraud and illiquidity — on behalf of real estate investors worldwide.

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WPE’s primary goal is to Democratize Institutional Real Estate Investing Worldwide by creating a high-quality, secure and liquid online real estate investment platform that will enable small and medium-sized investors worldwide to create wealth for themselves by investing in micro-ownership positions in highly curated (institutional caliber) cash-flowing real estate assets worldwide for as little as $1,000 USD per investor. World Property Exchange wants to make investing in high-quality real estate opportunities as easy as POINT – CLICK – OWN!

WPE will be able to achieve this goal by leveraging new enabling Blockchain, Digital Securitization, Crypto-Currencies and Matching Engine technologies, and couple them with a new innovative real estate financial product we invented called a Synthetic-Backed Security (aka ‘SBS’), to create the world’s first Government regulated and all-digital Real Estate Stock Exchange.

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